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doug_basler_smDoug Basler…

Born and raised in Washington State, I have been married to the love of my life for over 30 years and have five fantastic children, My two oldest daughters graduated from U of W, my son works in the technology industry and my two youngest daughters attend elementary and high school in Kent. We love living in Washington and enjoy the many cultural, recreational and educational benefits of our area.


marty_mcclendon_smMarty McClendon…

Marty attended the University of Washington to pursue a career in medicine. After college, he enjoyed working as an Anesthesia Technician for 13 years. Married and with three wonderful children, Marty decided to look for a new profession that would allow him to spend more time with his family. He then pursued a career in real estate, where he has since worked as a successful Realtor for over 17 years.

Born in a Naval Hospital in San Diego, Marty and his family moved to Quincy Washington in 1972. Later, he and his family went to live in East Wenatchee, Coulee Dam and other places throughout the state.

Growing up Marty admired his father for his hard work ethic, his patriotism, and his faith. His father worked various cowboy and construction jobs. It was an admiration for these qualities, and a desire to see a government work more ethically, responsibly, and efficiently that inspired Marty to engage in local and state politics.

This also led Marty to co-host a nightly radio program called “Eyes On Washington.” Here, Marty and the listeners discussed local and statewide issues, and more importantly, the necessary solutions.

“We encourage everyone to get engaged and be involved because we are stronger, smarter and more vibrant when we are invested in making Washington State the absolute best place to live, work, worship, and play.”

Faith has planned an important role in Marty and his family’s life. It was faith that sustained Marty and his family when their son, Logan, was stricken with leukemia. It was faith that later sustained the family when his wife, Lyn, was diagnosed with breast cancer and even more recently when she suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.

As a pastor, Marty enjoys connecting with his community and helping his congregation feel a deeper sense of unity and relationship with God.

“My faith unites me with people who are different from me – different in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, in political philosophy and in a thousand other ways. We are stronger because of our diversity and better when we work together to solve the issues that we face.”

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