What ever happened to funding education first???? Is there an education funding bill coming out of the Senate? No? Raise gas taxes and tabs? I guess the election is over, all promises broken. Funding schools first what a joke!

** Unbelievable! Senate GOP Votes to Raise Taxes!
** To say I am disappointed would be an understatement!

Did our GOP Senators forget what party they belong to? Well, back to the battle. I guess this goes to show that standing for conservative principles means more than just electing Republicans, it means paying attention and letting them know how we (their supporters) feel. While I applaud the reforms, the increase in Gas taxes and gross vehicle weight fees, that will make car tab prices skyrocket is definitely going to hurt the poor and middle class. For me personally it’s giving another $5 a week to an inefficient and wasteful system in advance of any real reforms. PLEASE! Fix the system FIRST, before you take more of our hard earned money.

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